The best cardio exercises

If you are a boxer aficionado, perhaps you might have become interested in getting a punching bag rather recently. Few people seem to think that cardio can be done by using a heavy bag. We’re here to prove you otherwise. Heavy bag training is good for your physique as it can take your resistance and shape to a whole new level. Perhaps you’re interested in gaining some muscle or maybe just losing some weight. If this is the case, we’ve noticed that some of the most efficient schedules that you can take advantage of rely on the use of a punching bag and several other types of equipment, as well.

If your time does not allow you to get a gym membership and use the treadmill, elliptical, or weights you might find at such a studio, there’s nothing from stopping you from buying them and using them at home. Sure, many of these items aren’t particularly cheap, but they’re worth the investment as you’ll be able to exercise daily.

You ought to perfect your schedule in such a way that you’re able to do both cardio and muscle training. You can’t possibly have one without the other. If you like jogging in your neighborhood, there’s nothing stopping you from doing it for as many as fifteen to twenty minutes per session, then going back home and training with your heavy bag. Be sure to become well-acquainted with the basics of interval training as it has been found to be the most efficient kind of exercising when it comes to getting back in shape and maintaining your physique in the long run. Hit the bag for two to three minutes especially if you are out of shape right now, and then take a small break for about thirty seconds. Keep doing this for up to thirty minutes or until you can’t seem to handle it any longer. Again, take a small break then go jogging once again, for just ten minutes or more. Finish it off with some crunches, abs training, and weightlifting, and you’ll be looking and feeling great in just several weeks.

It goes without saying that all these cardio and muscle training exercises should be correlated with a healthy diet. We recommend getting enough veggie and fruit carbs and if you aren’t a vegetarian or vegan, you can have your pick between grilled or baked chicken and low-fat fish as well as some egg whites omelet.

As a final note, it’s worth mentioning that the internet is filled with many resources, some of which are available in video format. If you ever feel bored with the exercised you’re performing on a daily basis, perhaps you might benefit from changing your routine and spicing it up with other workouts. Many health and fitness advocates have YouTube channels, and the neat thing about all these videos is that they’re free. Be sure to take advantage of all the info you come across and while you’re at it, go through some of the discussions that can be found on workout forums and other platforms.

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