The best cardio workout

The benefits of punching bag training are close to infinite as they’ve been proven to improve aerobic fitness, power, body resistance, core stability, and coordination, as well as the boxing technique of people who are working toward perfecting their skills. It goes without saying that it’s difficult to begin with using a punching bag, particularly if you’ve had no prior experience or there was no trainer that could explain to you the basics of this kind of workout. Even so, thanks to the multitude of online resources that are available for free nowadays, anyone can take their training to a whole new level, with minimum equipment.

Another reason you may feel like beginning with punching bag cardio is to develop self-defense capabilities. No one knows when they’re likely to utilize self-defense techniques in any given moment, whether you plan to get yourself out of a tricky situation or interfere when somebody else is in trouble. Finally, if you have a lot of stress built up from your work or daily routine, hitting the heavy bag once in awhile can significantly lower your stress levels.

One of the most important tips that should be recommended to any punching bag user consists of preparing properly by gathering the crucial pieces of equipment to keep safe at all times. Wraps and gloves are downright mandatory if you’d like to keep your hands and knuckles in top shape, and even more so if you use your hands at work and can’t afford to damage them. (check a list on boxing bag stands)

Since cardio can seriously take a toll on your cardiac and respiratory resistance, it might be a good idea to do some warming up and begin as light as possible. Take two to five minutes to circle the bag and perfect your body position so that you don’t hurt yourself while hitting the bag. Moreover, you should use a fighting stance to throw punches, just like you would if you were to hit your opponent instead of your punching bag. Breathe properly to ensure that you don’t suffer from fatigue.

If you’re slightly out of shape and don’t know how to commit to a training routine, it’s recommended that you start off with just two sessions per week, so that you’re able to gradually increase your resistance and body shape. Once you’ve spent five minutes using a jump rope or on a stationary bike, you can proceed by stretching your legs and arms. This practice will help you relax and perform correct hits later on. Basic cardio can be carried out by throwing some twenty-five or thirty punches depending on your stance. For instance, you could drill twenty-five cross punches, continue with jab punches, throw in some right and left uppercuts and finish off with right and left hooks. Once you’ve reached the training level that’s been your goal for a while, you can try some intensity training. Hit the bag for as many as three minutes at a time with as much power as possible, then take thirty-second breaks during which you stretch out your major muscle groups. Get back to hitting the bag and take a second pause.

With just the right amount of patience, all your purposes can be achieved. Small steps are sometimes better than jumping on the hardcore workout bandwagon. Once you’ve mastered the techniques that you want to learn, you can gradually improve your shape and technique so that the sky’s the limit for your heavy bag routine.

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