Is it OK to sleep on a futon every night?

Sleeping is extremely important for all of us because it’s the only time when our body recovers from the daily stress and gains energy in order to be productive during the next day. Most people tend to overlook the fact that they need at least 7 or 8 hours of sleep if they want to be able to cope with their usual routines. Instead, they cut down the hours devoted to sleep in order to watch movies or go out.

I have to stress out not only the importance of sleep but also the way you sleep. To be more precise, the bed is your kingdom and you need to treat it accordingly.

If you like to sleep on a soft mattress I have news for you. Apparently, a hard rock mattress might bring you health benefits that you weren’t even aware of. Even better, if you opt to use a futon instead of a regular bed, you’ll see several improvements in the way your body feels.

I understand that it can be a tad unconventional to go with the best futon in your bedroom but I’ll try to explain the benefits.

First, you need to learn what a futon is. The futon is a Japanese mattress that can be easily folded into a couch. The main reason why futons are so popular is that it replaces the bed but saves a lot of space. This comes in handy when you live in a small flat and you don’t have much room to spare for a king-sized bed.

Depending on the thickness you desire, a futon can be outfitted with a quilted mattress or a large pillow placed on top. Aside from saving a lot of space, the futon allows you to create a modern look in your living space. You can get really creative and change the mattress cover on a weekly basis and put funky pillows on top and use as a comfortable couch where you can sit and watch TV, read a book, or take a nap.

Since authentic Japanese futons are made from pure cotton they allow your skin to breathe and are have excellent therapeutic value for a good night sleep. We all know that Japanese have a simple lifestyle which is the key to a healthy, fresh, and glowing skin.

Moreover, if you decide to get a nice futon in your house, you can say goodbye to headaches and high blood pressure. Studies have shown that our bodies need to be as close as possible to the ground in order to release the pressure and relax.

Because the futon mattress is firm, your joints are held in optimum position during sleep. Therefore, you prevent them from becoming loose or sag. Plus, continuous sleep on a soft mattress has a negative effect on your body because it can cause elongated stretched joints, This results in lengthening the collagen fiber that ensures joints protection. The results can be quite damaging for your neck and back, in the long run.

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