Punching bag training essentials

Some people say that protective equipment is not necessary when it comes to training with a punching bag. Nevertheless, if you want to prevent injuries and pain, wrapping and gloves are mandatory when training. Indeed, you can punch a heavy bag with your bare hands too. You can do it a couple of times until you develop bruises or, even worse, damage your bone structure. The only way you can keep your knuckles in good health is by wearing proper protection.

In boxing and sports in general, a minor injury can stall your development and put you off training for an indefinite period of time. The only way to avoid such circumstances is to take every precaution you can whenever you can. If your trainer asks you to put on gloves during your training sessions, it is probably in your best interest, even if you don’t feel like you need them at that precise moment. Always keep in mind that a serious injury can put you off training for good and end your boxing career.

Another reason for which you should wear gloves when training with a heavy bag is that they keep your hands in the right position and help you develop a good punching technique. This will prevent injuries, pain and will help your development as a boxer. Employing the right techniques will enable you to throw rapid, powerful and accurate punches, thus giving you more chances to win your competitions.

However, the way you choose the perfect boxing gloves is where things get a bit more complicated, as opinions differ on this matter. From a technical standpoint, you should not use gloves under 16 oz for training, unless you are a very small person because, as you may know, there’s a connection between the types of gloves you use and your weight. Besides that, the impact of the punch is more powerful on the object you hit, but also on your hands, if you use gloves that have a slim padding. As such, a thick padding will ensure your hands endure a minimized shock, no matter how powerful you hit the bag.

On the other hand, some trainers will advise their students to wear slim padded gloves during training, as these will ensure a minimum of protection, but will allow you to sense the impact of your punch in a more accurate way, thus giving you a better notion on how you should throw an effective one during a match. Even so, no trainer will advise you on hitting a punching bag or another opponent with your bare hands.

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