How to work out efficiently? A fitness trainer’s blog

I am a fitness trainer in the city of Gwanju. In my years of experience I’ve met many people, including a lot of foreigners that come in great numbers here. My obligation as a trainer is to take care of each one of those coming to train here and put in place an individual exercising schedule for them. However, given the fact that they are many and I am just one, I am sometimes unable to put in place a method of training that would serve each and every person. The best I can do for them is creating a beginner’s program and then a suitable continuation to the initial type of training that will show good results.

However, since a lot of people come to the gym with various issues or for different reasons, it is only fair that you try creating the best program for each individual need. Unfortunately, this is not possible when working with different schedules and different problems.

This is the main reason for which I believe a blog trying to explain the various types of training for particular cases would be an effective way of assisting people who are overweight or deal with other physical issues. Since, no matter how much I try, I’m not able to help everybody, this blog will try to fill in the gaps regarding essential fitness questions and the best training methods for each category of people.

For starters, I would like to talk just a bit about the main error beginners commit so often. One of the most commonly encountered mistakes that they make is that of selecting the most inappropriate training routine for their needs. For example, if you’re trying to gain muscle and not lose weight, you need to follow a different exercising routine. Of course, there are similarities between the two, but mostly they are quite different.

Always keep in mind that body building or losing weight are two problems that can be solved only by applying a holistic approach. What I mean by that is, losing weight is not only about exercising or dieting, but it involves changing your entire lifestyle. There are many factors outside unhealthy food and lack of exercising that will determine how your body behaves on the long run: fatigue, stress or lack of motivation, are all essential if you want to achieve your goal. This is not a personal opinion, extensive clinical studies concerning weight loss have reached the same conclusion.

Therefore, I will try focusing on bringing to people’s attention some of the scientific studies and articles that have dealt with medical problems related to lack of exercising, binge eating, excessive dieting and the overall influence that an unbalanced lifestyle has on our bodies. I believe showing how everything in our bodies is interconnected and doing so in a simple manner is the only way to convince people to adopt a sane and balanced approach to physical aspect issues.

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